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Refund Policy

All contracts are binding. We do not offer refunds on our services. we are  here to support you to your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your service package.  When refunds are an option, you can have “one foot in” the work, and “one foot out” the door.  It is to YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE signing up, making payments and committing to work with us that we are the right help for you.  If you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as we will be for you.


What will you do with my information?

Nothing! except to have it locked up and be able to address you by your name each time we have to contact you.


Re-scheduling & Cancellation

Should you need to reschedule a session, you may do so by providing 48 hours’ notice in advance of the session and making up the session within a week of the originally scheduled date.  Sessions not canceled 48 hours in advance will not be eligible for make-ups.  It is important that you prioritize this work to receive the full benefit of your service package.


You are an expert, so you must be Dr, Fix-it-all?

Correct, we are experts at what we do, but we have our strength field and we are committed to stay in that lane. A business is like a living organism even the general practitioner in medicine  isn’t an expert in all parts of a living organism. 

Secondly, the overall success lies 100% with you and 100% with us too, please remember that, we are committed to giving you all the very best of us, we expect you to be Honest, upfront, open minded, receptive and willing to do your path also.