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Hey Here, I’m Jolade I’m an executionist and I help nurture dreams!

I have been asked so many times why I get so completely invested in other persons goals and literally would “go to the end of the earth” to guarantee successful execution;  I always replied that: “this is what I have been created to do: or how else do you explain my unique personality of being an enthusiastic catalyst, a multipotentialite, optimistic goal getter, a perennial learner, that lives for the excitement of new knowledge mastery and fulfilment of achieved ambitions, yet such selfless empath and a plethora of ideas?  I Couldn’t have been gifted all these just for myself…I’m convinced that all these  are for the service of all humans.

I am PRINCE2 Certified, a Certified Scrum Agile Master, with quite a few qualifications in Digital media, and Brand Development.

The beautiful thing about my work is that I’m teamed up with the most amazing set of terrific and talented humans; And we are “pumped’ and ready to serve you.

Thank you for stopping by.


Jolade, Lead Strategist & Developer.


We follow these four easy steps to get your started with us in no time.

At the initial consultation meeting, please come prepared to share your story, dreams, plans, challenges, concerns and how you think we can help. We will also take time to answer any questions, this document did not successfully address, and We will offer some possible help ideas.

Lastly, if you’re attracted to any of the ideas I shared.

Within 1-3 business days get a project estimate or request for more information.

Sign contract.

Get a full project proposal and estimate then meet with us to discuss.

  • Idea development
  • Plan execution strategy
  • Meet stakeholders 
  • Discuss project scope of work
  • Sign off project scope of work 
  • Receive Project Plan.